iPhone Tweaks I'm still missing HELP!

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by Shapelessbb, Feb 5, 2014.

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    Jan 25, 2014
    Hi guys,
    Loving the Evasi0n jailbreak. Although most jailbreak devs have updated their apps I still have some apps that haven't been updated and I'm looking for alternates. Really miss the following apps. Try and include a description of what the app does as well.

    1) Browseinapp (built in browser) is an app that when clicking a link, say in twitter or Facebook you're prompted with a prompt to open a link In the existing app. It essentially creates a browser that comes up in all apps and will open up instead of you having to leave the app you are in. Is there an alternative?

    2) Xcon is a JB detection app. I use it for apps like TMN GO app or Global Go and City TV app. It will basically prevent the app from finding out that device is jailbroken and allow you to stream content. Xcon beta v37b9 kind of works with the TMN GO app but not with the others. I tried Officer and FLEX 2 patches but they don't seem to work. Any other recommendations to get these apps to work?

    3) OpenNotifier is a tweak where if I get a notification I get a small icon in the status bar to show that it's unopened. I loved this app. one of those things from the BlackBerry days I have been using for 3 or 4years on ios. Is there another app like this?

    4) Mailenhancer or Colored Mailbox labels. An app where if I'm in the unified mailbox on native mail client I can set default colors to mailboxes in order to differentiate what email account mail is from. I use this a lot since I have many email addresses on device. Anything like this on ios 7?

    5) Safari downloader An add on to safari that allows me to download different file types using the safari browser. Looking for something like this on cydia for safari.

    6) Anyattach was a tweak that allowed me to attach file types other than pictures from the file system to emails. I feel lost without this. lol. Anything that I can use to get this done?

    Thank you very much guys. Any input would be incredible and if there's anything not clear let me know.
  2. Shapelessbb thread starter macrumors member

    Jan 25, 2014
    Any ideas guys? Looking forward to your suggestions!

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