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Apr 12, 2001

Tapbots today launched the newest version of the Tweetbot Twitter client, introducing a subscription-based payment requirement and a few new design tweaks and features.


The update adds support for Twitter's V2 API, adding interface options for polls and cards for the first time, and it tweaks the timeline view and adds support for more tweet data. There are new "@" and "#" buttons when composing a tweet, plus there are new app icon options and more UI themes.

With the API changes, there are no longer options for URL shortening and image/video upload options, and Chrome and Firefox are browser options when opening links. Going forward, Tweetbot will be able to adopt all of the features that Twitter makes available with its V2 API, so it should no longer lag as far behind the official Twitter app when it comes to functionality.

Tweetbot 6 is now a subscription-based app and will require a $0.99 per month or $5.99 per year subscription fee to unlock the app's full functionality. Multiple accounts, advanced filtering options, and push notifications are premium features that will be available with a subscription. The free version of the app is read-only and will not support tweeting.

Tweetbot 6 can be downloaded from the App Store for free, but an in-app subscription will be necessary to access full functionality. [Direct Link]

Article Link: Tweetbot 6 Launches With Design Updates and Subscription Pricing


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May 31, 2007
Florida, USA
I'm okay with supporting Tweetbot but if it's subscription based I'm going to wait until feature parity with the official client before subscribing.

I was a Tweetbot user for many years before Twitter neutered the API and I went to the official client. Good to know it might be back as an option soon!


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Dec 5, 2017
Longtime Tweetbot fan and I understand and pay for app subs, but let's not forget that Tweetbot literally REMOVED functionality from paying customers because Twitter removed it from their APIs. So now that Twitter has an updated API, Tweetbot wants to charge a sub to get functionality back... eventually? And then what happens when Tweetbot 6 for Mac comes out -- two subs? Hard pass for now. They need to be much clearer about what is going on here.

The Phazer

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Oct 31, 2007
London, UK
I'm generally not a massive fan of SaaS, but sadly I accept that keeping a Twitter client going with Twitter's constant messing with the APIs is basically an ongoing job at this point that needs ongoing investment, and therefore it's reasonable to charge for it on an ongoing basis.

The real villain in this is Twitter's API team.


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Feb 11, 2008
If there was ever a Twitter client to pay a subscription fee for, it would be Tweetbot. That being said, until there's feature parity with the free app, it's tough to pay to get less, even though it's a MUCH better app. It's a shame that Twitter is screwing third-party developers like this.


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Mar 30, 2004
If you all you need is a read only client, Tweetbot 6 is incredibly functional without subscription, a lot more generous than Fantastical 3.

One most notable feature that requires subscription is ability to tweet or DM. That should be a dealbreaker for many.

Other features that require subscription include likes, retweet, support for multiple accounts, mute conversation, filtering, push notifications, and additional themes.

If you ask me, $5.99/year is not a king's random.


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Jul 11, 2009
I don't think $6/year is unreasonable to pay for an app, I just don't see much here that would give me a reason to switch from Tweetbot 5. It's not as if Tapbots has really demonstrated that they put a lot of new features into the app before, so I'm not sure what a subscription really gets me here.


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May 31, 2007
Florida, USA
To people complaining about subscription pricing:

Access to the new Twitter API costs money. The developer has to pay for it. Subscriptions are the only way a third party Twitter client is possible.

Think of it as paying for no ads on Twitter. It's only $6 a year; I bet some of ya'll spend that at Starbucks every day.
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