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    Sep 4, 2012
    Welcome to Tweetgrid for Twitter by Firehose Media.

    Tweetgrid for Twitter is an innovative twitter visualization app. Along with its crisp aesthetic appeal, tweetgrid displays tweets on a live feed. It can be utilized to bring you breaking news as it happens, details to the game you couldn’t see, or the public’s immediate response to trending topics, as searched by a keyword of your choosing. Tweetgrid for Twitter is not a twitter replacement, instead it enhances the twitter experience by bringing you tweets in real time and in groundbreaking fashion. It was designed and developed by Greg Burnham of Firehose Media, and released on the iOS app store for the iPhone and iPad August 29, 2012. Firehose Media is a two man independent software developer made up of Greg Burnham and Tommy Richardson. It is based in Utah. Tweetgrid for Twitter is the first app released by this company. One upgrade has already been released and more are planned including user stream functionality, tweet, retweet, favorite, and trending topic options. When the app is downloaded, it will ask for access to your twitter accounts, you then choose one and search a keyword. The search screen will begin to unfold new tweets, which are coming in live, based on your specific keyword. Slide the screen to the right and you will be able to change incoming tweet animation, as well as return to the home screen. You can also switch to automatic mode, and the application will select new tweets to highlight based on a time interval of your choosing.

    Let us know how you feel about the app, we're sure you will enjoy it

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    Feb 19, 2005
    Sounds interesting, may be worth a buck to see what it is all about because it is not entirely clear to me how it works or if it is useful.
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    Aug 16, 2010
    Thanks for the feedback Jessica.

    It's a twitter-based search that feeds information in real-time. Here's a few ways that I've used it in the past three days or so:

    • Following sports. Put a keyword associated with a team and see pictures and comments as the game progresses (ex: sfgiants)
    • Political debates and conventions (RNC2012, Obama, healthcare, etc) to see commentary in realtime
    • Just for fun: use the keyword nofilter or instagram to see all sorts of photos that people around the world are posting to the twitter.
    • News: I put in 'Isaac' and 'earthquake' to follow the movement and results of Hurricane Isaac and the Philippines earthquake over the weekend.
    • Tech events: don't want to follow one single news source for updates on a keynote or conference? I used Samsung as a keyword for the trial proceedings, and plan on using iphone 5 to follow Apple's event on September 12
    • TV Companion: I'm a huge Breaking Bad fan. It was fun to throw the keyword 'breaking bad' in while I was watching to see the world react to the final episode in the mini-season. I even left it on for awhile after the episode to see what kind of analysis came out over twitter.

    The possibilities are endless, and I'm pretty confident that you'll find some great ways to use it. Feel free to share how you do! We're even in the works to be directly integrated into a major big-three newsroom in Los Angeles, where they will leave a Tweetgrid up with the keyword of whatever story is breaking at that time to provide insights into what is happening.

    If you have any other questions, let me know! Thanks!

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