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Apr 12, 2001

Twelve South today launched the "SurfacePad for iPhone 12," a new MagSafe-compatible wallet folio case for the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 mini. The $49.99 leather case comes in brown cognac, black, and plum colors.


The SurfacePad for iPhone 12 was designed to protect the front and back of the iPhone 12, and includes two interior pockets for ID and bank cards. Since the cards are on the front portion of the folio, you'll also be able to wirelessly charge your iPhone 12 with the SurfacePad on, unlike Apple's first party wallet accessory.

To attach SurfacePad to an iPhone 12, there's a "SurfaceGrip 2.0" adhesive on the back of the accessory, which sticks to the back of your iPhone. Twelve South says this adhesive is reusable and super secure and it leaves no trace of sticky residue when removed.


You can purchase SurfacePad for iPhone 12 on Twelve South's website today for $49.99.

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Article Link: Twelve South Debuts 'SurfacePad' MagSafe-Compatible Wallet Folio for iPhone 12
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Mar 23, 2011
Leeds, UK
Never put cards in the card holder on cases like this unless you use a screen protector as over time it leaves permanent marks on the glass.
Yep, that happened to me with a Twelve South wallet years ago, probably an iPhone 5 or thereabouts. It may not have been the glass that got worn, it might have been the coating, but either way it was very noticeable after just a couple of weeks. Since I’d bought both the case and the iPhone from Apple they simply refunded the case and gave me a replacement iPhone, no hassle at all.


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Jun 22, 2011
This looks like a nice product but I would be concerned about it not really offering any drop protection. I don't need to protect the front and back of the phone. If I drop the phone, it is most likely going to land on a corner and do damage. This doesn't look like it will offer any corner protection.


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Interesting solution, although looking at the image of the back of the folio, it looks far thicker than what Apple suggests a case to be for proper MagSafe use. I’ve got no issues with using a peel and stick format for application onto the iPhone, but I just don’t believe it’s going to charge efficiently because of the thickness of it.


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Feb 8, 2013
Why adhesive instead of magnetic attachment? This is a major miss to me, and maybe even undermines the new MagSafe feature.

Also card pressure on the screen is a real risk, even with the newer cards that no longer have any embossed legend. And I totally agree that unless you use an Apple Watch to quickly scan notifications, a folding wallet case is super clumsy to have to open just to peek at a new notification.

This is a hard pass for me.


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Jul 29, 2016
Boulder, CO
Considering the increased availability of Apple Pay, and the soon to be enabled Apple Wallet ID, is there still a need to have those items with a phone. (Obviously there is since everyone does not accept Apple Pay. But the phone alone is sufficient in many cases.)


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Nov 13, 2014
yea seriously why can't they just use the MagSafe magnets? Not strong enough?

I would assume so. MagSafe magnets can be very strong when you try to pull it directly off but not so much when you apply force perpendicular to the surface, i.e. you can slide a MagSafe accessory off the phone quite easily.


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Jan 6, 2004
You're only losing your ID and one payment card. Think about how much more you lose when you lose your actual wallet...
This one might only hold 2 items so you'd only lose 1 card and 1 ID, but other cases hold more than that such as

Based on reports and studies I've seen over the past decade, it seems people are more likely to get their smartphone stolen than their wallet, especially when someone uses their smartphone like this


^ You're just advertising to every thief that you're an easy victim.

So wouldn't it be smarter to have your cash, cards, and ID separate from your smartphone?
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