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Discussion in 'Apple Watch Accessories' started by cmbauer, Feb 7, 2017.

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    So I got this stand for my Apple Watch ( first one ever ) I never really thought I needed or wanted a stand. But having used this for awhile I wanted to share my thoughts on how awesome this thing is. Its the Twelve South Forte Apple Watch Stand.

    Here is a link to the product. I also bought a Action Sleeve from Twelve South and they have been great to work with.

    First the packaging is top notch. Not just some cardboard box. Its quality production.

    image1 (7).JPG
    image2 (5).JPG

    You can see the stand neatly tucked inside with a nice Thank you card for purchasing

    image3 (2).JPG

    Here is the stand outside the packaging. This is a sturdy heavy duty stand. Not that the watch is heavy at all, but you can tell the quality when you grab this out of the box. And looks amazing sitting on your night stand or out on the counter

    image4 (1).JPG

    The puck routes up the back and onto the top then there is a chrome ring that goes around it and locks in place.



    You can also put the watch horizontal so that its in nightstand mode

    This is well worth the $59 dollars they are getting. Like I said you can tell the quality the minute you open the package.

    Check them out Twelve South
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    TwelveSouth products are nice. Thanks for sharing.

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