Twentieth Anniversary Mac (TAM) - Website?

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    In 1997 when Apple released the TAM, they had a small website (or part of their normal website?) that you could visit to learn about the TAM.

    It was not big... from memory, there was maybe 4-6 "pages", each one reading like a page of brochure.

    I am wondering if anyone kept copies of that site? Or, remembers the address so I can check the WayBackMachine to see if it was ever archived..?!


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    Thank-you!!! :)

    I was sure they were on the WayBackMachine, but couldn't find them.

    Appreciate your assistance!


    Whilst talking TAM...

    Is there anyone out there who can answer this...

    The TAM was codenamed "Spartacus", but the codenames "Pomona" and "Smoke & Mirrors" have also been associated with it. Can anyone confirm that these were specifically names relating to the TAM, or were they perhaps other projects that erroneously became linked to the TAM?

    And... A few months (?) before the TAM was on the cover of MacWorld magazine, they ran an issue about "Secret Apple Products" - with pictures of prototype computers that Apple had developed but never made. Then the TAM came along, and those prototype designs have often been labelled as being TAM prototypes.

    Does anyone know if these designs actually pre-date the TAM/Spartacus project? I always thought it a bit odd that Apple would allow those images to enter the public domain, when they were about to release the TAM itself...


    A few of the designs:

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    hard to say about those designs - they hold some of apples ideas, but then again they could be just concept work by apple.......the one on the say no...the other 2 ,,,who knows
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    Not sure of the authenticity, but found this whilst researching other TAM stuff:

    Click through the pages and you'll see the various alleged prototypes. Looks like B&O had a number of key ideas (if B&O actually did the "B&O" designs) - if they did, I'll bet they were ticked off when Bose got the sound system.

    Also found the original BOSE PR:
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    :) was the known as the "official" TAM website... It's where "all" us TAM owners hung out... Certainly a lot anyways, and it had a lot of very useful and accurate info.

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