Twitter Introduces Easier Method for Sharing Specific Clips From Live Videos

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    Twitter this week updated its iOS and Android apps with a new feature called "Timestamps," which the company said will make it easier to share brief moments from longer live videos.

    Previously, Twitter users had to direct their followers to specific time codes in a live video so that people knew which moment they were referring to. The Timestamps update is a direct response to that, according to product lead for Periscope Mike Folgner.


    Now, when users tap the share sheet extension on a live video, Twitter displays a playback track that they can scrub through to find the exact moment they want their followers to watch. Then they can tap the "new tweet" button, type in any commentary on the video clip, and press "tweet." The clips can also be sent via direct message or copied and shared through a link.
    People who see the tweet will be able to watch the specific moment shared within, and if the broadcast is still live they can skip forward in time by tapping "live." Folgner said the feature is available across all live videos, "whether from a professional content publisher or someone broadcasting from their phone."

    Timestamps are available now on Twitter for iOS [Direct Link] and Android,, and Periscope.

    Article Link: Twitter Introduces Easier Method for Sharing Specific Clips From Live Videos
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    Nearly 12 hours and not one post? Clearly Twitter has struck gold again, with this in demand feature.
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    I don't use Periscope, but this is a neat feature that benefits everyone!
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    Not a feature I’m too interested though I can imagine it being a hit with younger people that just want to share pieces from videos without having to dl them and edit in Quicktime. Did hear they’re at least doing a stand up job at kicking out extremists and hatemongers tho. The less of them around the better!

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