Twitter 'Taking Cues' From Snapchat and Testing Update That Makes the Camera More Accessible

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    Twitter is "experimenting" with a new update to its mobile iOS and Android apps that is said to make it easier for users to share videos and photos on the social network.

    According to people familiar with the matter, speaking with Bloomberg, the update is still in an early testing phase and could "change significantly" over the next few months, but comes at a time when Twitter is looking to attract more users and convince current users to stick around. The exact design of the update wasn't specified, but Twitter is said to have a working demo of a "camera-centered" update that will "entice people" to quickly and easily post video clips of what's happening near them.

    The current method of accessing the camera to post photos and videos on Twitter for iOS

    Bloomberg compared the description of the camera feature to Snapchat's mobile apps, which open to the camera first so users can quickly take snaps. In 2016, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted that the network can be confusing to newcomers and called Snapchat "very modern." To be clear, it doesn't appear that Twitter aims to launch "Twitter Stories," but is simply looking to rearrange its app in a way that allows for more prominent placement of the camera.
    Currently, to post a video or photo on the Twitter iOS app, users have to open the app, tap to compose a tweet, tap "camera," capture a video or photo, add it to the tweet, then tap "Tweet." Those near Twitter's testing of the new feature claimed that "the goal of this product is to reduce the number of steps," aligning it with Snapchat's camera-first user interface.

    Video has become a priority for many social media companies over the past few years, including Facebook's frequent updates that introduced an Apple TV video-only app, a dedicated video tab for the iOS app, and a simple right-swipe UI to jump into the camera on iOS and post a Snapchat-style Story. Instagram has a similar right-swipe interaction to launch the camera, and was the first of Facebook's apps to begin the copying of Snapchat Stories back in 2016.

    Article Link: Twitter 'Taking Cues' From Snapchat and Testing Update That Makes the Camera More Accessible
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    I truly feel for Jack Dorsey at Twitter. Yes, he's made millions in stock and salary but his dream for Twitter was a global communications system inspired by the routes and movements of bike messengers. Where anyone with SMS could share with everyone in the world without borders and restrictions not what they were doing right now.

    Twitter was used for uprisings, sway elections, raise awareness for causes and bring voices to those who had no access to Internet and gave them a global microphone.

    These days, Twitter is simply trying to keep up with everyone else because the company (and Ev/Biz after they fired Jack in a hostile takeover) decided to take a huge amount of VC money and grow to 1,000 employees. Their run-rate was aggressive and they had to make money or die and then they had to file an IPO or die and continue to lose money while Facebook eats their lunch.

    If Twitter had remained devoted to the core functionality, introduced advertisements early and remained an SMS service that's ad-supported or micro-payment supported, we'd have a different company today. Instead, they added media hosting, lists, their own URL shortener, did all they could to kill off 3rd party API driven apps and own the entire Twitter app ecosystem (and for some reason bid on NFL games).

    The entire situation is so broken over there. I blame Ev and Biz for bringing them into this mess (and to some degree, Dick). Jack now owns this dumpster fire and they're copying Snapchat just keep investors on-board. sigh.
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    Twitter has made some huge strides in focusing on a mission, having gone from a "social network" to a democratized news service. It's in fact very unique and in a league of its own in this mission. There's nothing else like Twitter.

    It has also become far easier to pick up and use. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, I don't feel that they've added complexity with new features while also making existing core functions far easier to understand.

    Threads, Moments, Trends, Live Video all work in service of its mission. Twitter has really come a long way this past year.
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    I feel like we're in some kind of bizarro world where things are backwards...

    Which one of steps are people suggesting shouldn't be necessary to tweet? You should be able to skip opening the app? You should skip hitting a button to start composing and taking a picture? You should skip the confirmation step? Those steps all seem perfectly logical and to skip them would just sound like a confusing invasion of privacy.

    I wouldn't say Twitter is the most obvious of social networks, but to try saying Snapchat is anything but the most confusing pile of garbage to ever have been labeled a social network is just bizarre. Snapchat is popular, I'll give you that, but I think it's despite the horrible UI/X, not because of it. People like how easy it is to augment the picture they're taking in Snapchat - that's the core thing that you should look to copy, if you want to copy something from Snapchat.
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    I think Twitter was co-opted for 'intelligence' / social-engineering purposes early on. Every thing you cite is accurate, but surface. I don't feel sorry for Jack Dorsey at all - he's gained a tremendous amount from his position -- I feel sorry for the people who were banned by Twitter for expressing legitimate opinions which went counter to the hyper-leftist narrative which is so taboo in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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