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Apr 12, 2001

Twitter today updated its official Twitter app with a mention of the launch of "Spaces," its chat room feature that's similar to popular social networking app Clubhouse, but Spaces isn't quite ready to launch.


In a Twitter Space hosted by the company this morning, Twitter said (via The Verge) that it is aiming to make Spaces available for everyone starting in April.

With Spaces, Twitter offers users public chat rooms that users can create or join. The host who created the Space has speaking privileges to talk to those who join, and can designate up to nine other speakers.

While there's a maximum of 10 speakers allowed, there's no limit on the number of listeners who can join a given Space. Spaces has been available in a beta capacity on iOS and Android devices, and creating Spaces is limited to a select number of people who have been selected to beta test the feature in the iOS app.

All iOS and Android users can join an existing Space that has been created by someone in the beta, it's just the creation process that's limited at the current time.

Article Link: Twitter to Make 'Spaces' Chat Feature Available to Everyone in April


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Jul 6, 2020
In any case, I tried this out and like it a lot. It's easier to weed out people who might be hawking something since you can look at their profile and follows, and plus you can see who is verified and who isn't.
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Jul 29, 2002
Vancouver, BC
Another bad copy of an original product. Twitter is starting to look like Facebook: If you can't beat it or buy it, copy it

I use the Facebook Business Suite (formally Pages) app and what an embarrassment for Facebook. It's the only app that I use where notifications just don't behave as they should. When I'm in a message conversation with a client, each message that they send comes through as an in-app notification, and I actually have to follow that notification for the app to recognize that I've read the message in the very conversation that I'm already in! I've reported this to Facebook for a year, but it hasn't been fixed.

So let's hope that Twitter doesn't copy everything! 🤣
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Mar 28, 2002
I’ve never used Clubhouse. Seems like a fad that’s hot with people in media but you won’t hear about a few months from now.
I agree with you. Clubhouse is an audio-only chat program for iPhone only? Zoom and Teams already have video chat, and guess what? You can turn off the video and do audio only already! Discord has had audio chat rooms for years, used by gamers everywhere to organize WoW raids. Heck, in the olden days, there were phone party lines you could call.

Clubhouse is not original. The name kind of tells you what they are trying to sell it as: a “hangout” for the cool kids. No thanks. They should try to sell the company ASAP because users will soon realize it brings nothing new to the table.

and 1989 others

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Sep 21, 2016
Twitter should just stick to what is good at.... being an echo chamber for the perpetually offended and being a treasure trove of off colour tweets from celebrities that they wrote 10 years ago.
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Feb 4, 2021
Imagine having Princess Margaret around for dinner. Everyone would be polite and well mannered. They'd know which cutlery to use. Small chats here and there about reticules. But they'd be bored out of their minds. That's the sort of atmosphere Twitter lusts after.
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Nov 15, 2020
I got to try Spaces last week. I like it a lot better than Clubhouse.
Wasn’t the whole point of Clubhouse to provide a space that promotes free speech and opposes authoritarian censorship? Seems to completely defeat the purpose to have twitter get involved in that space given it (along with Facebook) are arguably the 2 most anti-free expression platforms on the entire internet, outside of North Korea, Iran and China.
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