Twitter Updates Apple TV App With Handoff-Like Tweet Interactions Between tvOS and iOS

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    Twitter today announced an update for its tvOS app, which allows you to pair your Twitter account on an iPhone or iPad with an Apple TV, and easily access Tweets on your iOS device that you see scroll by on the TV app's live feeds.

    The Twitter app for Apple TV focuses on live-streaming video, which you can display simultaneously with a scrolling list of user Tweets in a split-screen mode. Since it's difficult to engage with Tweets on the TV app, the new update lets you jump directly from a Tweet on the Apple TV to your iPhone or iPad without having to search for a specific Tweet.


    All you need to do is make sure your iOS device is on the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV, then open Twitter for Apple TV and long press for three seconds on the Siri Remote. This will bring up a menu where you can link your iOS device to the Apple TV Twitter app.
    Afterwards, you'll be able to send any Tweet that you see on the live timeline on Apple TV to your iPhone, where you can quickly reply, like, Retweet, and send an image or a GIF. Twitter said the feature will work with any of the Apple TV app's live broadcasts, which cover sports, entertainment broadcasts, and other live events.

    Twitter for Apple TV is available to download from the tvOS App Store for free.

    Article Link: Twitter Updates Apple TV App With Handoff-Like Tweet Interactions Between tvOS and iOS
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    Twitter is on fire right now! All the latest updates are moving it in the right direction. The big play that’ll bring it all together is the Twitter + Bloomberg 24 hour news network coming this Fall.
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    “Handoff-like”. Why can’t they just use Apple’s technologies available in iOS? It’s not like they’re going to make any money off their own paring system.
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    I have no use for Twitter, but this is a pretty cool feature. Makes it seems more futuristic to be watching all your tweets on TV then pick up your phone and head up right where you left off.
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    Does Apple even support Handoff for 3rd party apps on the Apple TV? I don't think so... So it makes sense here to implement their own feature.
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    Yeah whatever. Make Spotify for AppleTV or die.
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    President Trump :p
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    Oh only 100 million users or something like that.

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