Twitter which came pre-installed on iPhone 6s+

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    Hello, I seem to have Twitter pre-installed on my iPhone. There is a Twitter icon with a "pointing down arrow" on the bottom right. Whenever I press this icon, I get redirected to App store. I have to press the Open button to launch the app. Can anybody tell what is happening? Isn't it installed already? When I get redirected to the App store all the time?
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    Share a screenshot where we can see the icon "on the bottom right". I believe you are talking about your phone suggesting you should download twitter. No iPhone comes with Twitter preinstalled, unless it is a stolen phone.
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    This is really strange. Even I deleted the Twitter icon, when I went to the App store in an attempt to reinstall it, there was no such option. Only the Open option was available. When I pressed Open, the app launched without reinstallation?!
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    I've had app icons hidden off my screen before due to an error however they were indeed installed. A reboot brought back the icon.

    If twitter is installed but you can't find its icon, try hard rebooting the phone and see if it appears. If not, you can try to delete the app via iTunes.

    And iOS has twitter and Facebook integration in the settings menu where there's a button to either install or open it. What does yours say?

    And yes from the sound of your post, it seems like you're referring to the app suggestion feature of iOS. It will make an app icon appear on the lower part of your lock screen.

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