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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by GIZBUG, May 15, 2016.

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    My wife and I each have a separate apple id. her music/playlists are different then mine. Is there a way to have 2 accounts on the Apple TV so she can stream her stuff? Or is the only option, airplay from her phone?
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    You can easily have 2 Apple ID's for iTunes Store Purchases which you can easily switch between without entering new credentials. You can also enter you iCloud Apple ID's but only 1 at a time and you must enter the credentials each time you switch. Lastly you can setup a family plan as well but not it helps much. Bottom line is I think Apple needs to do more. I would like our iCloud ID's to be used like we use Netflix Profiles. Hopefully that will happen in the future.
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    Actually what would be better if rather than just enabling the switching..... each app would know which store it came from and use that already logged in ID with no switching required.. After all the ID is tagged to the app, so why not make use of it. It already works that way on iOS with app updates.

    Basically Two Apple ID's logged in simultaneously and used both at the same time.
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    For streaming from other devices it is only the Home Sharing account, that matters. I have a third appleID set up just for that on all our family devices.
    The ID that aTV uses to sign in to iCloud and iTunes Store only affect the content visible in aTV user interface - My Music, Purchased Movies, iCloud Photo Library and the like. And these account credentials can all be entered simultaneously and become switchable. But the content belonging to more than one Apple ID can not be seen at the same time in UI, I'm afraid.
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    Which is a challenge for many consumers. Whether in a 'Family Sharing' situation or just independent ID's, for the TV to really be the central hub for media/entertainment there needs to be a way to easily switch between content (e.g. Netflix's profiles) AND/OR aggregate content such as music, movies, apps, etc. Consider movies as an example, when both Mom and Dad have movies (iTunes, Vudu, Amazon, etc.) that the kids watch. All of the purchased content should just appear in a common list. NO ONE should have to switch between accounts to see what content is available.

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