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    May 2, 2012
    My wife has iPhone and iPad and so do I.
    We are using separate Apple IDs and I would like to stop this.

    She used to backup her phone to Macbook but the internal drive is corrupted and the TM drive died as well.

    I backup to my Mac which has TM and CrashPlan.

    I would like to port her over to use my AppleID for any new purchased apps and photos taken.

    She would reinstall the old apps she has (not many) manually.
    How do we handle contacts?

    I plan on purchasing iCloud 200GB for one month to make the initial backup before I plug her phone to my machine.
    Any thoughs?
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    Jun 11, 2009
    im not a total expert in all things apple.
    recommend keeping two separate iTunes accounts for purchases. enable family sharing in iOS 8. and make separate iCloud accounts for iCloud stuff, like for contacts. a lot of people have iTunes accounts for apps and iCloud accounts for mail, contacts, calendar, like me. I've even noticed that when setting up iOS 8 it will actually ask you if you continue to use separate iTunes and iCloud accounts during setup. it won't merge them. though
    i don't think merging is possible.

    as far as syncing two devices on two separate iTunes accounts on one computer. hmmm. i think its possible. its just that your purchased music on your iTunes won't play unless that person is signed on

    remember, iCloud and iTunes purchases backup every purchase you ever made. so even if your iTunes blows up, you can still get whatever you paid for back. even a banned app can be redownloaded.

    i heard books are an issue. like books u can't redownload. i don't know if that is still true
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    Nov 25, 2009
    Northern California
    My wife and I share an Apple ID for the iTunes and App Store. We also each have additional separate apple ID's for iCloud accounts. Especially for IOS 8 you run into problems with using the same Apple ID on you and your wife's iCloud accounts. I had to troubleshoot some friends account because when her phone rang so did his. Turned out they use the same Apple ID for their iCloud accounts and I had to have them turn off iPhone cellular calls under the FaceTime settings.
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    Aug 26, 2009
    I sync my parents iPhones on my Mac. Since I'm only using their iPhones to sync and they have just Apps, I created two guest user accounts on my Mac. That's the easiest way to do it.

    I wouldn't combine both accounts because it can get messy. You can backup to iCloud and do it manually on your Mac. Also, you can only have a certain number of iOS devices attached to one user account.

    Try to better manage your media by getting an external drive. Don't just rely on iCloud. This way you can take the media (music, movies, apps) with you to your next computer or phone. Plus when you add in your Mac which will connect to iCloud, it would complicate things.

    Just create another user on your Mac.

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