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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by pdaholic, Jun 24, 2014.

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    Jun 22, 2011
    Hello everyone--I'm mainly writing this to vent some frustration and try to see what you guys think about the behavior of a developer...

    There is an app on the AppStore called "Remote File Manager." Short of it is that it lets me stream video from my Time Capsule. Its author is listed as Sara Zhang. There is also another app on the AppStore called "File Explorer" written by Steven Zhang. Both apps are identical, and both have free versions with limited functionality. Note that the authors' last names are the same.

    I purchased the former app, Remote File Manager. It's got an issue in that it takes sometimes quite a while to access the folders on Time Capsule. I checked out the identical app File Explorer free version, and it turns out Steven has fixed the bug, so it instantly connects to the folders in the TC.

    Not wanting to purchase yet another app that is exactly the same otherwise (it's 5 bucks), I wrote the Remote File Manager developer Sara Zhang and asked her if they could fix the bug as they did on File Explorer. She wrote me back and stated that there was no relation between the two apps. I couldn't help but think it was strange, so I wrote her back questioning how it could be possible. Then, STEVEN writes me back and says that it's true, there's no relationship between the two apps, and he will "check into it." I even sent him a screen capture of the AppStore with the File Explorer app and his name attached to it. Yet another reply of essentially "nope, still not us."

    Of course, I'm calling shenanigans at this point. My problem with the app was never really addressed, either. I guess if there was some "app identity theft," I find it interesting that the thieves would use the developer's family member's name. Any thoughts on how I should proceed? Bottom line, if anyone buys the app (which is actually pretty useful), they should purchase File Explorer which is the superior of the two. Though at this point I'm not sure I would purchase another app from them as it all seems a little fishy to me!
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    Lots of people have that last name. Do a search on the App Store and have a look for yourself.

    Some of these guys don't actually build these apps. They compile them from either projects they buy, or that are open sourced.

    It could be that one of them is actually putting the effort to clean them up, while the other isn't.
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    Hmmm, not only do they have the same last name, but the same first name, as well as the same app...that's a lot of coincidences, but I appreciate your input.

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