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    Being an AT&T customer on the new family share plan I chose to upgrade my phone to the Galaxy S5. I used the NEXT 12 plan as I wanted the option to go back to the iPhone if I ended up not liking the GS5. Was worth it to me to have the ability to get out of the phone in a year if I didn't like it. I had planned on selling the iPhone and using that money towards just paying off the phone.

    But since AT&T doesn't charge interest, and I can always pay it off. Next year I can trade this in and get the new iPhone or newer Android if I want it, though it means I am sort of leasing the phone. My instinct is to just ride our the contract for a year and see what happens. What are your guys thoughts?
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    I don't follow. Do you have an older iPhone that you intend to sell to pay off the GS5?

    If you want to continually be in a contract so you can basically lease your phone for 12 months then do it. Not sure what the choice is, you already got the GS5, right?
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    You are correct, you are leasing a phone at this point since you have to trade it in to get a new one (unless its fully paid off).

    VZW has the Edge plan and its similar. An interest free loan and once the phone is 50% paid off you can trade it in for a new phone.

    It all depended when you're contract is up, since you're not forgoing subsidized pricing. I think its worth it, only because I can jump around on a different phone but YMMV

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