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    Oct 7, 2011
    My wife and I have iPhones now but both are under my apple id so we can share purchases. We both have the new iPhone 4s coming tomorrow and I don't understand how we need to set up iCloud. With only one apple id, won't all of our calendars, contacts, etc be merged?

    Please help! Thanks.
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    I believe the preferred solution is that you both use the same Apple ID on your iPhones, but you each have your own iCloud account. This is possible. See this:

    Scroll down to: Using one Apple ID for iCloud and a different Apple ID for Store Purchases

    I believe one of you uses the Apple ID you have now, for iCloud (whoever actually uses that e-mail address, probably), and then the other one of you creates a new iCloud account with one of their own e-mail addresses.
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    Oct 7, 2011
    Let me make sure I have this correct...

    I would use my apple id (current one we both use) for iTunes, app store and iCloud.
    My wife would create a new apple id. That apple id would be used for iCloud but she would use my apple id for the app store and iTunes.

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    Correct, I think. Im in the same boat, both my son and I have iphone 4's, he uses my apple id for sharing purchases, but i dont want our contacts and all that syncing up. Im going to try now to see if I can have everything on his phone connected to his apple ID (i created a new one for him when i set up his game center), except for the appstore where he would use mine. I just dont know how that will work with syncing and backing up apps....
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