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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by nidserz, Nov 17, 2014.

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    Hi all,

    I got a 2012 Mac Mini recently. I wanted to add an SSD to boot off/run programs, and keep the original HDD for storage as many have done on here.

    However, my SSD is one I previously used with my MacBook. Since it has OS X installed, and the new HDD that came with the Mac Mini also has OS X installed, how do I go about adding the SSD (which I want to format and upgrade to Yosemite)?

    Can I just turn on the Mac Mini and select the SSD to boot from and then format the HDD and not have an OS X on it? Or turn on the Mac Mini and just format the HDD before booting into the OS?

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    The SSD from your MacBook will almost certainly not boot your Mini as the system will be configure for your MB hardware. You should format the SSD and then clone your HDD onto this so that it can boot your mini. There are lots of free software tools for doing this (e.g. carbon copy cloner or superduper). After you have checked that the mini boots OK from the SSD, you can format the HDD.
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    You could make a Yosemite USB flash drive installer. Install the SSD. Boot with the Yosemite USB flash, open Disk Utility, wipe both drives then install Yosemite onto the SSD.

    Follow the directions in this thread:

    It's unlikely the MB SSD will boot the Mini because it won't have the proper drivers for the Mini's hardware. But it could give some sort of boot conflict if OSX on the Mini's HDD sees it.
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    Assuming you have your data backed up, I would create a Yosemite USB installer.

    Install SSD into the Mini and then install Yosemite after wiping both discs and configuring how you described.

    You can then migrate data back to the fresh install.

  5. dangerfish macrumors 6502

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    I agree with the above. Create a USB installer and boot from that. Then, make a Fusion drive (which will format them in the process). I've done this in my 2009 iMac and it is fantastic.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if it actually booted just fine. I once accidentally booted my 2011 mini off an old 10.6 boot drive from my Mac Pro 1,1.

    Unlike Windows, OSX is much more flexible in that regard. As long as the target machine is officially supported driver-wise (e.g. 10.6 never got the drivers for the 2012 minis, but "knows" the 2011 mini's hardware from the - technologically similar - MacBooks early 2011).
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    I know I am bringing up my old thread but just wanted to update you guys.
    I was able to boot my SSD from my Aluminum MacBook no problems... but to avoid issues, I wiped/formatted/and reinstalled Yosemite on it so it would get the proper drivers, and be a new computer. My 2nd bay is empty, and I want to install the 1TB HDD, but haven't managed to do that yet. I need to do this to store all my media on it, but for now the 256gb is enough.

    Thanks everyone for your help.

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