Two fold Question, Why Tethered Jailbreak/iTunes 9.1

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by jmcclain145, Mar 30, 2010.

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    Ok, I have a two fold question.

    1. I have a iPhone 3GS 32gb on 3.1.2, and it requires a tethered reboot. My only heartburn about this is, the serial number does not appear to be over the 48 week mark, or whatever it is. the SN is: 88002HB1***. Am i completely wrong in my assumption? I guess I have to be or I wouldn't have to tether reboot. Just some clarification on this would be great!!

    2. I have a MacBook Pro 2009 model 10.6.3, and I use blackra1n for my jailbreak and tethered reboot. Is it safe with a Mac to upgrade to iTunes 9.1 and still maintain my jailbreak AND be able to tether reboot my iPhone? I've read online its mainly windows users who have been experiencing issues. Some clarification on this would be grand also!!

    This I suppose is technically two questions, but they're somewhat related.

    Thanks for reading my questions, and THANKS so much in advance!!!
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    Your phone was made the 2nd week of 2010 (3rd zero in serial number) The week 40/45 guesstimate was for 2009
    The new iTunes is fine on MacOS, just reboot after the install.

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