HomePod Two HomePods in Stereo (not)


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Oct 29, 2010
Hello, i am having trouble setting up my HomePods in stereo. They will only play through whichever one i chose when setting up. If I Ungroup i can play from whichever one i select. This is driving me nuts to as to why they won’t play in stereo. Thanks


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Aug 11, 2008
Do you have a good wifi reception and speeds to where your HomePods are positioned?

Never had a problem with a stereo pair and always worked perfectly. You could delete both from your Home app then reset each HomePod manually. Add each HomePod in the usual way to your Home app again then try to stereo pair.

EDIT: And also check they are on the same network frequency. I’ve had problems (with single HomePods) when one was connected to the 2.4GHz channel and the other 5GHz channel on the same network and could become unresponsive. Disable auto in the routers frequency selection and either disable 5GHz or rename each frequency so you know which the HomePod is connected to.
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