Two identical iMac, way different Geekbench performance! Is it the Ram?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by philosopherdog, Dec 15, 2012.

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    I just ran a geekbench on two identical models of imac. Let's call them iMac1 and iMac2. iMac1 has a ram upgrade to 16 gbs. You would expect this to speed the machine up. Anyhow, iMac2 has a stock 8 gbs of ram. I've noticed that iMac1 doesn't boot or shut down as fast despite having more ram. I've run Onyx no it, pram, etc and after all this it's scoring some 500 points lower on the geekbench! Here's the scores:
    this is iMac1 with 16 gbs of ram:

    this is iMac2 with 8:

    This is probably just crappy ram. Safe bet? I'll try it with a clean profile to see what the score is.
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    If you have look at the seperate categories you can see that the memory is not the reason for the difference. 16GB iMac scores 5932 and 8Gb iMac scores 6075. Thats not much of a difference.
    If you look at the Integer Performance category that is where the difference is. 16GB iMac scores 6759 and 8GB iMac scores 7416. This is what is causing the large difference in overall scores. Why the integer performance is different on the two machines I do not know.
    Integer performance:

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