Two iPhones on 1 Account - Upgrade Eligibility for 3GS?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by catalyst6, Jun 18, 2009.

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    Let me preface this by saying I never thought I would be so confused by cellphone plans :mad:

    Long story short, we have two lines on 1 account (both iPhone 3G)...the primary line is elligible for the 3GS upgrade, and the other is not despite both 3G phones being bought at the same time last summer.

    Our total monthly bill is about $200. It seems that one of the phones picks up the primary chunk of the bill, and the other is discounted due to a family plan.

    Either way, the total bill is about 2 x $99...just distributed differently. Is there any wiggle room with AT&T for a situation like this? I understand the deal with subsidies, but AT&T has more than made up for it with the fees on the primary line.

    I'm not interested in upgrading/resigning unless I can get both phones upgraded simultaneously. I feel like alot of this upgrade eligibility nonsense has alot of grey areas :( Think I can throw my weight around in the store about this issue or is it pretty much a "sorry I only go by what the computer says" kind of issue?
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    We have sort of the same situation. My phone is eligible for the upgrade while my husband's is not. (His was a Christmas gift while I got my 3G on release day)

    I stopped by an AT&T store and they wouldn't budge on my DH's phone. I basically got the 'subsidies speech'. So, I called customer service and got the same speech. :rolleyes: I called back again an hour later, got a different person and same speech. However, the second guy I talked to said something interesting. He said the a 3GS would make a another good Christmas gift for DH. I hope that he was hinting that I might get a price break on his phone at Christmas.

    Not holding my breath tho....:rolleyes:
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    You can upgrade both phones but one will be at the "Upgrade Eligible" price and the add-a-line will be at the "Early Upgrade" price. No, there is no override that is going to happen in the retail store, nobody loves you that much that they want to be terminated from their job just to give you an upgrade that you are not eligible to receive at this time.

    FamilyTalk rate plans have benefits but this is not one of those cases, each line has an individual MRC value so you don't just add the cost and divide by two. Your primary line has the bulk of the rate plan cost and your add-a-line is only $9.99.

    Sorry, this is just standard policy.


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