Two iPhones to Rule Them All

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by cbongiova, Sep 24, 2011.

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    Sep 12, 2011
    There are a lot of credible rumors for both a iPhone 4S (numerous parts) and iPhone 5 (numerous cases). I believe we will see both at Apple's up coming announcement.. here's why.

    The iPhone has always been a mass market product meaning that it needs to appeal to everyone. In the past, the 3.5" screen on the iPhone was near the high end in terms of size yet it was small enough for nearly all consumers. Apple was fine leaving the screen unchanged up until now.

    With the growing number of consumers demanding a 4+ inch screen thanks to the proliferation of Android smartphones Apple can't just concede this large and growing consumer base. On the other side many consumers still like the size and shape of the iPhone 4.

    To prevent alienating part of their consumer base they have decided to release two iPhone's with nearly identical spec's. This will give customers the option of screen size which is a large dividing point.

    My guess is this change in release was due to a somewhat late decision to go this route. It's also possible that logistically there are more parts and suppliers to coordinate which would cause this delay.

    Sorry if this specific theory on why we will see 2 iPhone's has been discussed before. I have not seen it.
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    The rumours are pointing to the iPhone 4S (if it exists) being a low cost solution (with Gruber hinting that a cheap iPhone could be falling into the iPod Touch price range). This would allow them to reach many more markets where even the current cheap solution is too expensive.

    I don't understand why they would upgrade it with the A5 and an eight megapixel camera, but BGR presented an interesting theory: Apple can utilize large-scale production to bring down component costs and use that to crush the competition with a superior product at prices that can't be matched (ala the iPad).
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    Its seems like at this point everyone has a different theory, but until Apple's next event, they will remain unproven.
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