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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by treynolds, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. treynolds macrumors regular


    Feb 17, 2010
    I purchased a new (2010) MBA 13.3" a couple weeks ago and love it. My wife had purchased a mid-2010 Mac Mini in August, but through a series of events (including breaking her kneecap a couple months ago) has not used the Mini as she was confined to a recliner for most of that time where she used her Acer notebook exclusively...

    She's gotten used to using a notebook in the way it was meant to be used, rather than just sitting on her desk. She's 58, so a bit slow on the up-take when it comes to technology.

    Anyway, yesterday she stopped by the Apple store and asked them if there was any way that she could return the Mini for the 11.6" MBA. I think Providence was smiling on her as they said 'YES' and she now has a nice, shiny, new MBA to use and is thrilled. They credited her prior Applecare for the Mini towards the new Applecare for the Air. She did have to pay a 10% restocking fee, but that's only fair as she was well past 30 days.

    Though she considered the unibody Macbook, she ended up going with the 11.6" base model Air, as she never uses anything other than the web and web-based apps. I think it'll be a wiinner for her if she ends up feeling more comfortable with it. It came down to size and weight. Now when she goes to her Mac classes or one-on-one, she can just slip the MBA in her purse and go. When she gets to the point where she needs a larger screen for iPhoto, she can simply hook up to the same 24" Dell monitor she was using with the Mac Mini.

    I'm personally thrilled with the level of service we've received from Apple over the last year and we're both happy campers.
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    Decatur, GA

    We're about to be a 2 MacBook Air family too. I just bought the 11.6 MacBook Air as well and after I let my wife use it for a little while she decided she wanted one too. She's only ever had PC laptops before, and this'll be her first Mac experience. I'm hoping she likes it. :)

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