Two macs with a design workflow. Suggestions!!??

Discussion in 'macOS' started by jdl8422, Jan 4, 2010.

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    I currently have one G5 that I use to do all my designs for work. We are adding another designer so we will have two Macs working on projects. I am a little confused on what the best setup for the files. I dont want some files on one computer and some files on the other. Here are the options I came up with:

    1- Have all the files on one computer and have computer 2 access them through sharing and open them from computer 1. this seems like it will be slow and slow down both computers.

    2-buy one external HD and have both computers access that one HD. Will this be slow as well?

    at the company I work for we have a server that the entire property can access but our design files are too large to store on there. So I need a solution just for the two macs. Anyone have a better solution? Thanks
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    Look up version control software.

    Also, I'm wondering why you both need to be working on the same files at the same time? I think the best way to manage the files is from the outset where you divide who does what and keep the work files separate. There are a ton of options but it depends on what you're doing. Flash, webdesign, print design... etc, all have different work flows.

    If you want to do this on the cheap without installing any more software, then just hook up an external drive to the main machine. Everyone works and stores their files on their own machines. But when it's time to hand something in or trade out a file, then just network into the external "project files" drive. That drive is only for sharing... not for storing master files that the individual is working on. This way the users won't be working off the drive and will only be delivering to it. You could even set up folders on the external project drive with project name and individual folders for file input. Whenever someone sends a completed file to their folder on the external, they just tell the other designer they sent a file.

    Finally, there is an even easier option. You could bluetooth files back and forth. I've done that in a pinch and it worked fairly well. But in your situation, I think having an external drive dedicated for file storage (like a server) is the best option.
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    sorry, didnt mean to assume everyone knew what I was talking about :)

    Two people wont be working on the same file at the same time. Here is an example

    File 1 will be a PSD file for a direct mail piece. The we use the graphics on the DM piece to create a poster, display, billboard, etc...

    So the same files will keep being accessed. I am trying to avoid multiple copies of the same file and project files being scattered between two computers.
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    If that other server you mentioned is managed by an IT person who does IT stuff like backups, etc., then I think that is where you want your important files to be.

    You mentioned having some money for an external drive. Maybe it's possible to offer to budget for more storage on the server so then the size of your files won't matter. Presumably the server would be always up so no issue if you turn one Mac off while someone else needs access to files.

    Otherwise I would use one of the Macs as the file server + Time Machine to backup on an external drive & also have an offsite backup plan.

    Subversion might be a good way to go if you want a file repository with version control.

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