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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by DamoRed, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. DamoRed macrumors member

    Sep 9, 2006
    Hi all,

    I went to check my mail and found an unread copy of most, but not every one of 120 messages in my inbox! Why not all of them? As well as this, an unread copy of all 1200 junk mail message I've received, and dumped, since I got this Mac.

    I'm running on Tiger 10.4.

    Has anyone else ever had this happen?

    Also, a longer term problem which will become a major problem as soon as I get my new 24" iMac. As it stands, I still have my G3 iMac 400, which I would be hoping to pass on to some deserving soul. I would then use my G4 eMac as my second machine.

    The problem is, that I can not use Mail on the eMac, on Tiger, but I can on the iMac, on Panther, to send images to a newspaper I contribute to. This is a large proportion of my income, so I can't afford to walk away from this. The problem I'm certain is at their end, as they're still using OS9 because of problems they had when trying to switch to OS X.

    What actually happens is, that on eiter machine, I can send the same message, for example, 10 jpegs, with text. From the iMac, everything is perfect and the images are dragged to photoshop to be prepared for the pagesetting. If I send from the eMac, the text appears as normal, but only the thumbnails of the images can be seen. The actual jpeg files are not there. This does not happen when I send images from the eMac to anyone else, either on OSX or even windows. everyone else receives them as I send them.

    I've got a problem when my new iMac arrives, because I'll be keeping the eMac which is running very well with maxed out RAM and a quieter fan, as my second machine. The Editor has not been willing to take time to work out where the problem lies, or how to get around it. He concedes that it is most likely because of OS9, but then truculently tells me that all he wants is to be able to get the images on his email, however it happens.

    Just because they're stuck in a time warp, doesn't mean that I want to be or have to be. In getting the 24" iMac, a major advance in terms of the iMac and eMac, I'm trying to increase effectiveness and therefore, productivity. It doesn't help matters when I've got a situation that may mean me having to keep a 3rd computer for which I'd have no room.

    Any advice is most welcome

    Thank you

  2. pianoman macrumors 68000


    May 31, 2006
    try sending the files as attachments and not embedded into the e-mail. also try using iPhoto's e-mail feature, where you select pictures to be e-mailed and it takes care of creating a Mail message.

    what about using Mozilla's Thunderbird (an application) or Google's Gmail (internet-based mail) or Microsoft's Entourage (another application)?

    i don't know about your first issue. i would suggest checking the Mail settings for whatever downloader you use (POP/IMAP, etc.).
  3. DamoRed thread starter macrumors member

    Sep 9, 2006
    Thanks Pianoman,

    I forgot to say that I had tried sending the images as attachments, in the original post. With the same results I might add.

    I've never liked iPhoto to be honest, that was long before it had the email function. I removed it from my system.

    I suppose I could send via gmail, as long as there aren't too many.


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