Two monitors on a iMac

Discussion in 'iMac' started by kenglade, Dec 1, 2012.

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    Dec 20, 2008
    I'm using an intel iMac running Lion. I have an old PC setup which I rarely use since I've switched to Mac. Can I take the old Dell monitor and use it as a second monitor on my iMac?

    The resolution is pretty crappy but I may be able to use it until I buy a second monitor. Can anyone recommend a good second monitor or tell me where I can find ratings for monitors that work well with iMacs?
  2. mrfoof82 macrumors 6502a

    May 26, 2010
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    Yes. You will need an appropriate mini-DisplayPort to <other display's connector> adapter. Just plug it into a Thunderbolt port, and that's it.

    Thunderbolt Displays are nice. If you want rotation and similar quality display, the Dell UltraSharp line is very well regarded. After that, I personally won't recommend anything else, but any display will work. You could use a 15-year old CRT if you really wanted to.
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    Hi, i have a legacy Apple 23 Cinema display, with an old DVI interface.
    If i'm correct, i should buy
    1- Adaptor Mini-DVI to DVI and connect to monitor
    2- Adaptor from Thunder to Mini-DVI and connect to iMac

    Is it correct?
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