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    Come Friday, when the 4S comes out, I'm going to upgrade my phone and give my wife my current 4. She's never before had an iphone.

    I've bought a ton of apps, so I'd ideally like to use the same account for both phones. That way, I can load apps easily onto my wife's phone without haveing to repurchase.

    However, I need to keep contacts, calendars, and the like separate, but I don't know that this is easy to do.

    If it makes any difference, we're currently set up as different users on my macbook.

    In researching, I now see that itunes allows for separate groups in itunes in regards to contacts and calendars. However, I just plugged my phone into the computer and itunes gave a message that I didn't need to choose groups because everything is syncing to the cloud (I updated Lion and my iOS today).

    [The message reads as follows: Your contacts, calendars, and bookmarks are being synced with iCloud over the air, so it isn’t necessary to sync these items using iTunes. iCloud sync can be configured using your device's “Mail, Contacts & Calendars” settings.]

    So now that I've finally figured out how to handle group, is the cloud going to make it impossible to have more than one user per account?

    I'm very wary because I already got burned trying to set up my wife on email on the ipad. When I tried to sync her Yahoo email contacts onto the ipad, Apple kindly merged her Yahoo contacts into my contact list and it took me forever to sort out the resulting mess.

    Thanks for any help you can offer.
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    Aug 11, 2004
    I can answer my own question

    Well, if anyone's curious, it appears that Apple has actually made this quite simple.

    I tested this out with ipad, so it should work the same on the iphone.

    When I restore the iphone, I'll restore under itunes on my account.

    Once the phone is up and running, I'll enter the icloud preferences, and remove my user id and enter in the icloud user id that I've now established for my wife. This is the same user id that i've established under her user name on the macbook.

    The nice thing is that under the store information on the phone, I'll be able to keep my user id info, so all of my purchases will transfer over to my wife's phone. But otherwise, everything will now be set up under her user id and all info will be separate from mine.

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