Two questions about the Series 3

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by sakau2007, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. sakau2007 macrumors 6502

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    I have two questions about the series 3 watch.

    1) Can I buy the GPS + cellular version and not activate the cellular part immediately? I'd actually like to start using the series 3 watch but won't really need the cellular functionality (and added 10 dollar a month payment) until December or the beginning of 2018. If I have to pay the $10/mo starting now, I'd probably just hold off and get the watch in a few months.

    2) Is there any advantage to the smaller 38 compared to the larger 42 other than personal preference? It seems like the 42 is a more powerful device, no?
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    The answers to both of your questions are in the threads below. An abundance of information and immediate answers are there for you.
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    1) You don’t have to sign up for LTE service, it’s completely optional. Carriers right now are offering the first three months of service free, and I’m sure the promotion will end sometime.
    2) Both watch sizes have practically identical internal components, the slight battery size difference is pretty much offset by the size of the screen. Both watches get pretty much identical battery life. Outside of that, the size difference is a personal choice.
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    In addition to @PieTunes good info:

    #1 - service is typically monthly with no commitment, and carriers make it free via bill credit. They seem also to be waiving activation. You *ought* to be able to activate, try it for three months, cancel service, then re-add to your plan if you change you mind later. (assuming you're in the US since you don't indicate otherwise, elsewhere YMMV)

    #1a - downside is this is like the first hit of heroin being free... might get sucked in to the $10/month wallet drain if you try it. :)

    #2 - Go see both in person. The 42 isn't nearly as big in practice as it might otherwise seem, so don't make any assumptions.
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    You’ll get a bit better battery life with the 42 otherwise no real advantage other than a bigger screen and that makes certain tasks easier
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    These are really good advices.
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    I would agree. I would say the 42 mm has a stronger battery and does seem to last a bit longer over the 38 mm. Even though Apple does rate both Watches at 18 hours.

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