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Discussion in 'iPad' started by eagleglen, Mar 9, 2011.

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    Sorry for not using the iOS tips thread, but it's quite long now and I already knew almost everything I've seen on it. But I just found of two that surprised me and I think pretty useful. Both involve the keyboard.

    I know if you did a long hold on the comma key a quotation mark becomes available, but it takes a moment to activate. Instead if you just swipe up on the comma key the quotation mark is immediately typed.

    My second new short cut is when you switch the keyboard layout to show the numeric keys. If you do a long hold over the dash key, one of the options that becomes available is a bullet. I love making lists with bullets, so I'm thrilled.

    Hope others find these useful too.
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    I know on the iPhone (won't have the iPad until Friday), if you hold down the " key you get several options from curled quotation marks, to lower " (International) and even double right & left arrows << >>.
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    I saw that first one recently highlighted on some website (tuaw??), but it said something different. I don't have an iPad (yet) to test on and I too lazy to check the article, but I beleive it said to swipe up on , to get ' and swipe up on . to get ?

    Am I wrong?

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