Two usernames/wrong drive during clean ML install?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by Turboguy, Aug 2, 2012.

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    Aug 16, 2011
    Bear with me, this is long...but I'd really appreciate your feedback:

    Okay so I followed along with the Mountain Lion clean install PDF with my mid-2011 iMac, but ran into a problem at step nine with the source and destination restore menu (could not restore, resource busy), as it wouldn't wipe and then copy to the USB flash drive.

    I downloaded and ran Lion DiskMaker2, and it worked fine. However, when it came time to transfer my data, I could not see my external hard drive, only one disk, the Macintosh HD. I had to skip the step and then start Migration Assistant once Lion was up. Same thing: no external drive showing, only the Macintosh HD. As I had already wiped the internal HD, I figured that my iMac was calling the external drive the hard drive and proceeded the data copying process.

    It also had me create a new profile because it said that two profiles couldn't have the same name, which I thought was strange. was rickjensen; added rickjensen1.

    The data transferred after an hour, and Mountain Lion is working (I'm using the dictation feature now). But there are a few things that aren't right: I had to re-input my Office for Mac 2011 key (is that normal?), and when I tried to save a Word document to the desktop, it says the desktop is not available and a little red icon was on the desktop bar. I then had to navigate to rickjensen1, find its desktop, and then everything saved just fine.

    At the logon page, the new profile that I created, rickjensen1, uses my Lion profile photo and has all of my desktop files/folders in the right place just like my Lion desktop once I log in. However if I log out and log into rickjensen, there’s a stock bald eagle photo, and the ML screen shows a bottom toolbar and the galaxy image from Mountain Lion, but no files or folders on the desktop.

    If I log out of rickjensen1 and go back to rickjensen and try the Migration Assistant, it still only shows the mac HD, no external disk.

    I've attached a screen grab here; am I using the external drive as my main drive here?

    Or did it install OK, and I just had to create a new profile name for some reason?

    How badly did I screw this up? Gonna get some ZZZZs and try not to worry about it till tomorrow...

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    OK, so is this such a dumb question that nobody is replying, not explained well enough, or (newbie hope) complicated enough that no one knows which direction to point me in? :confused:

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