Two versions of XP and Mac OSX?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by carlosbutler, Mar 16, 2009.

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    As the title says, I have started to think that I will need two versions of XP if i want to use bootcamp, as well as Parallels/VMWare Fussion.

    After originally buying my iMac, and installing XP SP2 through bootcamp i was chuffed that it all worked as it should (maybe i was just soo used to windows being rubbishy). then trying to install vmware (cant remember, september was when i did it) it had faffed around and then installed. but when booting into windows (this is without reinstalling windows again, ie using the bootcamp partition) windows came up saying that it was different hardware and that it needed to reregister and, upon closing the first multiboot and trying again is failed and just never worked.

    does this mean that if indeed i buy parallels/vmware (still dont know) i need to install that first, and then do another installation of windows? was it just coincidence that it messed up? have the new version fixed all this?


    N.B. I would end up (as well as other people I guess) using bootcamp windows for games - only, and then the dual boot for running everything else but also being able to run MS access 2007 at the same time... for example. also i mroogled it and not really much came up - didnt just go and post straight away:p
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    First, you need to stop thinking of Parallels and VMWare as one application. They are separate and distinct applications.

    Next, Parallels presents itself to Windows are one set of hardware. VMWare presents itself as a second set of hardware. Your Mac running your Boot Camp installation of Windows natively presents itself as still a third set of hardware.

    The beauty of running Windows in a virtual environment is that you can maintain a working backup or multiple working back-ups. When Windows does its Windows thing, swap-out the bad and swap-in the good from your back-up and keep kicking.

    You don't need two virtual computers to do this. Run a virtual installation--either Parallels or VMWare--for most tasks. Run a native installation when your performance or other needs demand it. If you want multiple virtual computers, then use them for multiple Intel-compatible OSes. However, it makes no sense to run one OS in multiple virtual environments.
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    ok thanks for the help:D

    by the way, i never thought of vmware and parallels as one thing. hence when i said:
    '...eed i buy parallels/vmware (still dont know) i need...'

    i said i still dont know. meaning i still dont know which one to go for, either vmware or parallels.
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    One install of windows works.

    Easier if you have the corporate version.

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