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    (section 1:21:00h - 1:22:10h)​

    Alternatively: Link to video - start and end time stamped

    -Tim Cook (2012, All Things Digital Conference 10)

    I'll leave this here without a comment, at least for now.
    I remembered this quote recently and thought it could be interesting to have a discussion about this.

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    Computers are different to phones. I don't think most of the people whining about the Mac Mini are going to go buy PCs, most of them are just buying last year's models instead.
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    In hindsight, I find that quote from Tim Cook to be f.r.i.g.h.t.e.n.i.n.g.!!!!! He has done it. He has done things, knowing it will Pi$$ people off, but knowing that Apple won't lose money.

    - solder in the RAM in MacBook Airs
    - solder in the RAM and hard disk of Mac Minis
    - remove the last anti-glare option from the MacBook Pro meaning that people that need anti-glare screens are out of luck.

    Tim Cook, can you find a word for that guy. He knew he could stick a roasting fork into us and we'd still keep buying Apple.

    Mark my words, he followed through on what he said.
  4. Phoenixx Suspended


    Jul 3, 2015
    Oh Tim you are SO WRONG. There are a small number of Apple users who are like this, but the vast majority will NOT put up with Apple not listening to them forever. The number of "loyal" Apple customers is diminishing rapidly. Apple is NOT the only technology company out there, it's not the 1980s anymore, people have a lot of choice these days, and many of us have no loyalty whatsoever.
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    IMHO, that used to be the truth regarding Macs.
    Hate Apple, but love / need Macs an Mac OS? You will (have to) stay loyal to Apple.

    With iOS it is different. People switch easier to Android.
  6. maflynn Moderator


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    I think the general consumer is still happy with apple, but given the premium price we're paying if there's any perceived disenchantment people will be more likely to change platforms.
  7. keysofanxiety macrumors G3


    Nov 23, 2011
    Very true Maflynn, just difficult to get out of the ecosystem really if all your devices are Apple - though I know you use a lot of everything so you've always got your options open (makes me sometimes wish I was more competant with Android and the likes). I think people who'll be disappointed are the ones buying Retina iMacs on good faith that Apple wouldn't ship junk, and struggle with the performance of the platters as a result, are going to be the most disenchanted. Sad move because it saves profits in the short-term but really damages Apple's brand in the long run, IMO.

    Hopefully Tim Cook will just ease off a little on cost-cutting, because they've got more than enough money to give consumers just a little more value for money with some of the stuff they sell.
  8. Tech198, Nov 20, 2015
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    price will always be there as a barrier between going Apple, or not.

    I hate to say, but there are long standing Apple users, even the not so long standing ones, that will continue to buy Apple for whatever reason: Maybe they have other Apple gadgets that only works together, or maybe its iOS/apps and "security" which it a cloud cover in itself.

    people will always get angry regardless, but more on Apple then any simply because they do stuff different in a unique/or different way to achieve the same goal... Sometimes its a longer route, sometimes shorter, and other times it just doesn't exist. As simple enough for an desktop OS to have cut and paste for everything, and Apple using the excuse "...well we don't want users to lose their work on clipboard." is just a reason not to implement it.... There is 'undo'... people know what they are doing sometimes, are if mistakes do happen there are keyboard short cuts as well.. to undo. The fact Apple chooses to safe guard themselves with 'crippled' and i question weather everything nick and cranny they do is in relation to improve "security" half of the time, its not .... more often they do it just because they can... How would the elimination of cut and paste of everything help with security ? It won't... it only means u may loose work,,, your Mac is still safe.

    This promotes developers to make apps for little issues that on Windows just makes more sense, and all this builds up to anger people..... However, at the end of the day, we are still Apple users..

    Just because we have these things, we wanna make our voices heard, but guess what, tomorrow we will still be an Apple user :) we will never know who actually remains and who doesn't since Apple never says "out numbers have dropped" .. They only relate to how *good* they are doing, add to the fact there is no way to close an iTunes account, which has allot to to with things too.
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    That would be me. Sold the iPad, got a Sony tablet. Same with iPhone replaced by Xperia Z3 Compact. But there isn't much I can do regarding the iMac or a Macbook. And I shiver at the thought of moving back to Windows. It's not like I have no clue what Windows looks like in 2015, my fiance uses Windows (in VirtualBox). With all its faults and bugs I prefer El Capitan to anything Microsoft have released. I put Ubuntu on a Chromebook and half of the time I use it is spent on fixing things that stopped working.

    Sigh. In a way I am not buying a Macbook. I am buying Mac OS. I don't care how thin the machine is but it has to run Mac OS.

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