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Discussion in 'iPad' started by Kostas3000, Nov 27, 2016.

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    I love the pencil on my iPad Pro 12.9in. What I have found very useful is to scrol with the pencil and when I need to type in to use the pencil to type on the on-screen keyboard.

    This is very useful when you need to type small chunks of text frequently. Although the typing is slow (roughly 40 words per minute) it is much faster compared with putting the pencil down, type with both hands and then picking the pencil up again.

    What can make it faster is a smaller on-screen keyboard. The pencil allows more accurate typing compared with the fingers, so no need for big keys. The smaller keyboard and the shorter distances between the keys will allow a shorter travel of the pencil between the keys and thus a faster typing.

    A closer integration of keyboard input with the dictation-e.g. Dictate, then type in a new word or a word that the dictation is highly likely to get it wrong and then continue dictating- will make the keyboard redundant. Keyboard redundant also means mouse and track board unnecessary as all kind of input will be happening on the screen.
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    The split-keyboard is also a thing, if you haven't tried doing that yet. You just end up typing with your thumbs.
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