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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by wheelhot, Nov 21, 2008.

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    Hello again,
    Well so far I've learn how to make my own tilt-shift and HDR all thanks to the fellow photographers posting in MacRumors. Anyway like what my title say, what are the other type of photography beside tilt-shift and HDR? Cause I want to know and learn as much as possible, I'm very interested with what you can do without post-processing and with post-processing.
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    Basically you just asked a bunch of people to bullet point the Bible for you. In other words, the possibilities are endless.

    Ruling out film, because these days it seems there aren't enough people who appreciate film to even care about it, there are many "types" of photography you could learn. I think you're going to be fairly disappointed when you get your answers but here are a few "types" of photography.

    You can master the art of nature photography. This is indeed an art. This doesn't mean hang outside in your backyard until that lady bug lands on your finger. There are some real beauties in nature and to capture them takes the proper equipment and patience.

    You could try out something like astrophotography. That's hooking your camera up to a telescope and taking pictures of stars. I've always been interested in doing this myself.

    You could try product shots, commercial photography.

    Macro is another type of photography. You can also try infrared, night photography, and panoramic photography.

    The above examples are types of photography, they're not types of things you can do to a photo. HDR and Tilt-shift (in the current sense) are types of things you can do with a photo. This is why I think in a weird way you may be sorely disappointed with some of the answers you're going to get.

    If you're willing to put down your digi cam for a moment you can try out other types of photography such as pinhole photography. That is always fun. Playing with a Holga is awesome fun, again ... film.
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    Neither of those is a type of photography. They are post-processing techniques. Jessica has actually spent some time pointing out some of the types of photography that people do.

    If you're looking for something else to do with your new DSLR you can pick up some books and work on your composition. You can then get a fast prime for $80 and see what you can do with that lens. You can then get a couple of flashes with remotes, go on strobist and see if you can learn how to use them.

    As Jessica said, forget about the fact that you have a digital camera and photoshop. Try to get the picture right, just as you want it, out of the camera.
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    Tilt-shift and HDR are two very narrow and specialized techniques that not many people do. So another type of photography might be what we call "mainstream photography". You can break this up into categories like landscapes and portraits.

    Why not shoot subjects that interest you and them apply whatever techique you think would help get your message across.

    Techniques like HDR for their own sake are not interesting except as an exercise. But if you find a subject that requires it, such as an indoor scene with a bright window that needs two exposures.

    Another thing to try is black and white film. Film bodies are cheap.
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    Behind the lens
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    infrared photography? Never heard of it.

    Anyway, well I'm not disappointed with the answers at all, pretty good actually and yeah, HDR and tilt-shift is post-processing so its not really photography at all.

    Also great tip guys(and gals), all of you are fantastic :thumbsup:

    Well at least now I know the keywords to search in Google ;)

    Thanks guys.
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    I guess, technically, TS and HDR aren't photography as much as they are photo-processing, but if you go out and shoot subjects with the intent to TS or HDR them .... I would classify the whole process as a photography style.

    Anyways, for other photo "styles", you can try your hand at portrait photography. Check out the 3rd photo of the first post on this THREAD. I really love this photo as it captures so much character from the subject. Apparently, there's lots of technique involved with getting that shot with regards to lighting and such, plus there's some post-production going on, so you'll get more photoshop practice.

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    Using the search term Masters of Photography should turn up all sorts of different styles, types, and names for you to become familiar with. Many of these will probably be film based and museum collections but all the better for a learning experience.
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    Aug 25, 2008
    I second that. Besides, TS done with a TS lens and no post processing is definitly a style. I think anything where you compose the shot with some kind of post processing in mind can be a style.

    I would say go to the book store and start thumbing through different photography books and just see what the different sections are labled, usually it is a style.

    Still life
    Light and Shadows

    All of these things can be a 'style'. If you can fill an album with different shots of the same 'kind' I would call it a type of photography.

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