Typeaholic (iPhone/iPod Touch Game)

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    Typeaholic : a new experience in typing game

    Words will keep falling down, type them before they flood the screen!!
    There are seven colors of bricks, two of them are power-ups, if you keep typing the words in the same color, you will get higher combo!!
    You can type any word you want, there are no penalty for typing wrong..
    You have to think when is the best time to use power-ups, or which word you should type first to give you more space on your screen.
    Use power-ups to destroy multiple words or stop them from falling down for a short time!

    Improve your skill and play against your friend via Bluetooth or GameCenter!
    In Battle mode, you and your opponent will get the same list of words. You have to get high combo in order to send more words to your opponent and make your opponent screen flood with words!

    Compare result with friends by score, number of words typed, and whose screen being flooded first!

    - Power-ups
    - Multiplayer (via Bluetooth or GameCenter)
    - Leaderboards


    Here is the link to App Store
    http://itunes.apple.com/app/typeaholic/id436702956?mt=8&ls=1 FREE!!

    Typeaholic Facebook Page
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