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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by ZMacintosh, Mar 28, 2009.

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    Nov 13, 2008
    I was wondering if anyone had some good tips with optimal settings for the Panasonic TZ5 digital cam. i picked on eup the other day and read through the manual and alot of reviews but maybe im overlooking something or now corresponding it right.

    when i was testing the settings i get alot of noise in photos. so i went page by page to configure it to a optimal setting but either resolution distorts or the image has alot of noise.

    I was told to use to AI settings, well maybe im slow but i dont see any AI settings, im wondering if its meant to be similar as Intelligent Auto (IA)

    this is kind of the first major dabble in researching for a good camera to test for basic photography as i work my around it....any tips or suggestions id like to hear and try out.


    here are some sample photos with iso800 (i hear iso100 or 200 is the best for noise reduction) and 1x zoom on the nonzoomed pic and 10x zoom on the 2nd.


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    Dec 29, 2007
    For ALL small cameras, ISO800 and 1600 are for EMERGENCY use only. Keep your camera limited to ISO100 if possible, 200 if necessary, and 400 is pushing it. 800 and 1600 only if you must record the event, but you don't mind that the image is kind of nasty.

    That being said, the Panasonic TZ5 is actually a bit worse than others in ISOs 400 and above. You especially get those strange blotchy yellows. The NICE thing about the TZ5 is the size with the big zoom and HD video. Oh, and the price. It's pretty cheap right now. So, you have to decide on a trade-off and what's most important to you.

    Try taking pictures in brighter light with ISO 100 and 200, and you'll be much happier.

    If you REALLY must have a small camera that takes OK low-light pictures, then look at Fujis -- F100 and the new F200 (also the old F30/31) take relatively good pictures at higher ISOs, but there are lots of OTHER issues with the Fujis (difficult menus, slow shot to shot speed, and not as much zoom). Personally, I'm going to try the F200, which is the newest Fuji and looks pretty promising.

    Canon makes a good middle-ground camera. Great full light pictures, survivable low-light pictures. The SX110 would fit the bill (though the flash is slow to recycle). Look for the new SX200, which is kind of like the TZ5.
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    Nuff said, as per previous post, use 100 unless forced to do otherwise by low shutter speeds.

    Re the recommendation to use AI, my guess is that would be 'Auto ISO' which is called 'Intelligent ISO' in the menu settings. I would guess that would use ISO 100 unless forced not to at gunpoint....
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    thanks, yeah i was a bit disappointed after reading reviews and actually using it in a few different places.

    i have a Fujifilm digital camera that was adequate prior to got decent quality ..actually alot less noise than this come to think of it and comparing photos...but it just ate memory cards so it was sort of useless in that.

    Ive been keeping an eye on some of the canons i think might test one of those out soon if i cant get the settings right on it.

    thanks alot though!

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