U3014 w/early 2011 MBP & Daisy Chaining

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    So, I picked up a Dell U3014 (Amazing monitor after you get your Mac to force RGB). One of the features I was skeptical would work with my early 2011 MacBook Pro, with just a Radeon 6490M GPU, was the daisy chaining feature these newer Dell's now have. The monitor I'm trying to connect from the U3014 is a U2412. Of course I'm not expecting the U2412 to produce a 2560x1600 res. But, the daisy chain will not work above an output resolution setting of 1600x1200. When set to 1920x1200 (the U2412's native res), only the U3014 will produce 1920x1200. I also get a menu window on the U2412 stating to change the output signal to 1920x1200. This comes up when setting the resolution to 1920x1200, or higher. 1600x1200, and lower, I can get both screens working...

    Now, I'm figuring this is happening because either the GPU in my MBP doesn't have the oomph, or there's something wrong with the U3014. Perhaps the U3014 isn't passing the signal properly (the U3014 is known for be problematic in many ways). I'm not sure. So, I'm hoping someone out here has experience with configuring a daisy chain with these new Dell's, and can offer some insight.

    I'll be posting this to Dell's forum soon, too. Perhaps I'll have more luck over there (I doubt it =/).

    Any thoughts on this would be very much appreciated!

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