UAG Case - Junk.....!

Dino F

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Sep 16, 2010
Croydon, South London, UK
I just bought one of these case ( UAG iPhone 5 Case) and honestly, the case is utter garbage......!!!

I put it on my iPhone 5 and straight away, I could see it did not fit properly. The rubber sides, where the volume buttons are, was not even straight and the edge was all over the place and did not sit flush with the phone.

Even the rubber part along the bottom area - bowed outwards from the phone and didn't even touch the edge of the phone properly.

The case was on the phone for less than 10 minutes and then it ended up in the trash...!!!! NOT IMPRESSED......!!!:mad:


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Aug 24, 2013
At that price I would have got a refund and then bought a spigen tough. Now that is a decent case and well known!