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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by 7roca7, Oct 8, 2016.

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    Sep 24, 2015
    Just received the case in the mail earlier this morning.
    Good looking case, nice fit in the hand, and on the 7 Plus. Because of not being able to hold one before buying i thought, from all the pic's online, that it would be a bulky case. Not at all. It's not in a Thin Line case category, but just seem's to be a bit thicker, but not by much.
    There's a couple of thing's i didn't like. Rattling screws and the slightly loose fit at the volume controls. Should have been a little tighter around volume up and down button's. I remembered so many people complaining about the screw's, so some time after i put the case on i shook the phone, and rattle rattle rattle. I don't think i'll ever walk around shaking the phone all day long. Normal use i couldn't hear a thing.
    There's a round cut out on the bottom left speaker because the case also fit's a 6s+, but when i picked it up to look at it all i could think of was why was everyone complaining about it. I would have preferred the case to be made specifically for the 7 plus, but in real time seeing the cut out didn't bother me a bit, unless i walk around telling every one to look at this hole.
    The back is a little slick on the armor frame, but my finger's seem to find the indentation where the leather is placed, and i get a good grip one, or two handed. It's comfortable.
    What i like best are the edges's around the face of the screen. I don't know the height, but i have a glass screen protector on, and there is enough extra height, that i don't worry about if i drop it face first.
    I purchased mine from Best Buy online. They send an e-mail to confirm your purchase, and that e-mail said sorry but there will be a delay on shipping date. When i ordered it was to be delivered on 10/8, but their e-mail they sent after i ordered, was delivery date of 10/28. I went back on line to cancel my order, but it was already in the processing stage, so you couldn't cancel. Won't get into it, but their a pain in the butt. I did get it on 10/8.
    After i got the delayed e-mail from BB, i sent an e-mail to UAG customer service. Maybe 30 minute's later they replied. I had seen that on the site they were offering Free 2 day shipping two day's before, then the day before it was Pre Order?
    Their reply

    Thanks for reaching out to Urban Armor Gear Support Team!
    To confirm, we have the iPhone 7 Plus Monarch case in stock and ready to ship on order:
    Note, US orders normally take 5-10 business days for delivery. If you placed an order today, you would likely receive it sometime between 10/14 - `10/21.
    We hope this information helps
    This was excellent response time. I do like their customer service.

    I had placed one in my cart not knowing what to do. Then a few hour's later they sent me another e-mail offering 5% off if i ordered in the next 48 hour's. Since i didn't want two case's coming, i decided to wait on BB.

    Speck Presidio Grip Case: I did buy this the same day i placed my order with BB, because of all the good review's. It is a great fit on the 7+, but that's about all. The edge around the screen is just a bit taller than the screen. I had to look at it closely, laid a pen across it, and could see it's definitely a problem for me. As i read more review's i started seeing that when laid flat on a table, camera side down, it would wobble. It more than wobble's. I thought maybe it was the line's across the back, or the camera cut out. NO it was warped. From the top of the case to below the camera cut out, when laid flat, with no phone inserted, there was a lot of day light. When the phone is inserted not as much, but it still wobble's because of it.

    I'm really sorry for this long post, but i go through the same thing every time i get the next iPhone. What case(because very few retail), screen protector, when to buy or pre order the phone. I think next time i'll wait for the phone until i get every thing else first...haha
  2. woozor1 macrumors regular

    Jul 15, 2015
    The monarch was my first choice also and it certainly looked pretty nice but them screws was too annoying. If u have vibrate on your phone they will rattle. Also grip wise I found it very poor. The sides were slippery and the back wasn't good either. I returned myne.

    I also then moved to the speck presidio whilst initially I preferred it to the uag I found it quite heavy and the balance didn't feel good in the hand I use my 7 plus one handed. I also had a fault with myne in one corner the li- protection being lower. So that went back also

    The case I'm 100% happy with feels lighter than bother of them has nice grip and just feels way better in the hand with great screen protection. Uag plasma in clear. Looks awesome with my black 7 plus.
  3. jlczl macrumors 6502

    Jun 8, 2015
    I tried the Monarch as well on my iPhone 7 but I tried it and then tried the plain regular black version right after and actually like the regular version better plus it was half the price. Got it for 30 bucks at Best Buy.
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    Sep 24, 2015
    I like a few of UAG case's, but since i can't find them in a retail store i decided to go with the Monarch. I'm more interested in drop protection, than flashing a case on the 7+.
    This is the problem when a new Apple product come's out. Nothing in accessories. I don't like a naked cell.
    I also like the UAG Ice, but i have to see it first.
    Last year was a night mare for me choosing between 6s-6s+. Finally i bought them both so i could compare side by side, then returned the 6s.
    I'm glad you found something you liked at BB
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    Sep 8, 2014
  6. woozor1 macrumors regular

    Jul 15, 2015
    Yes it's awesome and what I'm currently using. I did mention it in above post
  7. WalterSobchak, Oct 12, 2016
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    Aug 17, 2012
    i have a plasma on the way, i still really dig the monarch but hope to alleviate the rattling screws issue (really not a big deal) and the loose fit on the upper left area of the case. Thats a bigger deal to me as it is loose enough to let debris in and get under the phone.

    shame because oitherwise the monarch is a fantastic case. I may end up sticking with it over the Plasma, we shall see.
  8. 7roca7 thread starter macrumors member


    Sep 24, 2015
    When i first put the Monarch on my 7+ i shook it around for a bit so i could hear the screw's rattle.
    5 day's later now, and for the first time i heard them rattle when touching like on FB, and waiting to touch the smiley face. I don't know the purpose of them, so it's ok for now. By the way it was first thing in the morning, with no other sound in the room. I guess it has been doing it all along, but just didn't hear it?
    Like you i hate the loose fit around the up-down volume area.

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