Uber Now Lets You Edit Your Pickup Location After Requesting a Ride

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    Uber today is beginning to roll out a new "pickup corrections" feature in its iOS app, which will allow riders to change their pickup location after it's been entered and a ride has been requested. With the new addition, riders who accidentally enter a wrong pickup location can tap "edit" next to it, enter the new address, confirm it, and send it to the driver, who is updated on-the-fly about the new location.

    The rider changes the pickup (left) and the driver gets an update (right)

    Uber said that the small but helpful update is designed to save the time and frustration of both riders and drivers, the former of which would previously have to call the latter to either manually give out a new location or cancel the ride altogether.
    The new update also comes with a collection of driver-side support tweaks, which "give drivers more of a say on concerns and complaints that affect their bottom line." This includes ways for Uber to validate a driver corresponds correctly to their in-app profile to satisfy riders, an adjustment to the scale of the rider complaint system, changes to how disputes are handled on fare adjustments, and more.

    The new pickup corrections update will begin rolling out today to users in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, and should take a few weeks to get to everyone. Uber this week also published a humorous post that looks at the most common items lost on trips, the most forgetful cities, and the most common days of the week during which riders forget items.

    Article Link: Uber Now Lets You Edit Your Pickup Location After Requesting a Ride
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    An Uber post? Surprised this isn't in the political/social issues forum, given that their company is 95% misogynistic, harassing dicks, and about 5% women. There is a scandal every week!
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    I deleted my account both for driver and rider on Uber. Using Lyft now
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    So can you request a ride from a non surge location and then "correct" your pickup location to an area that's surging?
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    I use Uber all the time, very convenient. My biggest annoyance though is their GPS tracking after the ride ends. It's getting really old having to manually type my location every time in order to protect my privacy.
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    Presumably it adjusts for this when you set your new location?
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    Because everything you read on the internet is true and the media never blows things outta proportion.
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    I didn't follow the harassment accusations, so I'm in no position to comment on them, but even if those were to turn out to be completely untrue, there would still be enough other instances of corporate asshattery to make me avoid the company.
  9. 69Mustang, Mar 30, 2017
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    Generally this is true. But with Uber? Yeah, no. Uber has serious organizational problems. When the CEO says he needs help running his company, ya got problems. Especially when he's obtuse enough to act an ass in an Uber on camera. When the new company president brought in to help clean up the issues, quit, because the company's values are incompatible with his own... When they use Greyball to circumvent bans where they aren't supposed to operate. When they make and cancel fake Lyft requests. Yeah, Uber doesn't need the media to blow anything out of proportion. They do a bang up job all on their own.

    edit: Oh yeah, I forgot. Theft. They're accused of stealing 14K files relating to self driving tech. Bang. Up. Job.
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    You don't know where surge locations are....

    And for Uber.... take them long enough. This feature was available on Lyft a very long time ago.
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    Nirgendwo in Amerika
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    You don't know the borders of surge locations, but you can tell if you are in one by the estimated fare you are quoted. You could randomly move your pickup pin until you find that there isn't a surge fare, then request the Uber, and then "correct" the pickup location to where you actually are, unless Uber will then automatically apply the surge price after you correct the location.

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