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    Ubtuntu making Yahoo default search engine
    By Benjamin Rubenstein

    According to a public announcement from Canonical's Rick Spencer, Ubtuntu will be undergoing a slight change, beginning with the release of Lucid Lynx. Firefox, which comes as the operating system's default browser, will now use Yahoo as its default search provider. However, this doesn't mean that Ubuntu users are stuck with it. Of course, a user can change it back to Google, or whatever else they desire.

    The change was made after Canonical made a revenue sharing deal with Yahoo. This will bring in extra revenue to a company that prides itself on offering free software. Here's Rick's statement regarding the deal:

    "I am pursuing this change because Canonical has negotiated a revenue sharing deal with Yahoo! and this revenue will help Canonical to provide developers and resources to continue the open development of Ubuntu and the Ubuntu Platform. This change will help provide these resources as well as continuing to respect our user's default search across Firefox."

    So there you have it. For Ubuntu to continue its success as a free operating system, money is essential. This opportunity gives Canonical the ability to continue giving users what they want without having to worry about funding. It's seems like a small price for users to pay for their favorite flavor of Linux. If a user is savvy enough to run Linux in the first place, he or she won't have any problems switching their search engine back to something else. Ironically, since Yahoo will soon be powered by Bing, Microsoft, as someone at Slashdot pointed out, will essentially be paying users to use a non-Windows OS.
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    Just that I agree completely with Canonical's position. Free software requires funding of some kind, and this means partnerships, which often means acquiescence to your backer's interests. This could come in the form of ads, defaulting to particular search engines, and a number of other elements that might drive home very quickly the *real* price to pay for free software.

    This reality, of course, has always been implied and understood, but it's a significant move by Canonical, and we might be seeing a lot more of this in the future.

    The other option is for Canonical to sell a "Pro" or "Enterprise" version of their software. This would, however, drive the point home even further with the implication that the "free" version is somehow crippled or missing features.
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    Paying users? I wish! :cool:
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    yahoo is still around?

    Wow, I thought they only did fantasy sports, they still have a search engine.

    My guess is that the majority of ubuntu will change the default back to google. When I installed win7, the first thing I did was change the default from bing to google. I'm going out on a limb and say many ubuntu users will do the same.
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    Anyone who is smart enough to instal Ubuntu can change the default search in Firefox. This is a non-issue.

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