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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by WAM2, Jan 21, 2012.

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    So I Am putting my G5 Back to work today, but I Need the lastest JAVA, but it seems 10.5 stopped at 1.5.0 java unless you have 64 bit intel, So I Want to install Ubuntu on it, I Burned the Ubuntu 10.04 PowerPC Alternate ISO and OSX Sees it fine, but when I Restart the Powermac it ejects the disk, and when I hold ALT and go in there it ejects the disk, and when I Put it in when its on the menu it just ejects it again. Is there a way to get around this? Its not a bad burn as it boots fine on my G3 iMac, but not my Powermac?
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    Being that I have played with this a bit, before I sold off my G5. Within OpenFirmWare, you have to execute boot commands. Xorg, buy default is mucked up depending on the video card that you have. The nvidia 6600 will give you better mileage, thought the ATi set can be worked.


    Do not know if you have looked at this, but it might give you some insight. Also, linux mint PPC takes a bit of work to register for, to get the download, but to be honest? It was the easiest install I have found for viable PPC linux on not only my G4, but also my G5... Damnit, now I kinda regret selling them both... Here is the link:


    Like I said there is a bit of more to go through then say distrowatch.com and what not, but it is well worth it. The forums are amazing, the support is great, and I do have links through colloquy for the pertinent rooms of needed for irc support. Feel free to drop me a message if needed..


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