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Feb 9, 2006
hello, yes im awhere that this isnt a linux catorgoty but its the closet i could get to one, i kno there are quite a few linux users on here so i figured someone could give me help, well anyways on with my question:

Ie been trying to install xmms on my linux xomputer but i cant figure it out. Please keep in mind that im fairly new to linux.

Thanks any help will e appreciated!


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Jul 23, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
I've used Debian since the Linux-2.0.x days and have always loved it, Ubuntu has been okay the few times I've used it, but I really miss the huge precompiled software library you get with Debian.

The only Linux I use at home now though is CentOS 4 em64t because at work we only use RHEL4.

IMHO All binary based distros are pretty much the same, I think I've used Linux for long enough now (since '94 or '95) that they all just seem kind of boring.

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Aug 27, 2003
I thought the Ubuntu packages library was bigger ... if you added in all the non-free, backports, universe, etc.

But ... I like Xubuntu currently. Good cross between bloated UI (gnome) and speed (cli).

Using dapper, if that's important for people to know.


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Aug 7, 2006
I've used Dapper and Breezy on my old non mac laptop, and I have to say that while gnome isn't all that OS X is, it isn't bad. KDE is a really great desktop environment, but I find it too hard to customize to my liking. And heaven forbid you lose your KDE prefs at some point, because you will NEVER get your KDE setup back the way you had it!

Ubuntu is a great linux distro and I'm really glad to see Shuttleworth push it as much as he has.