Udemy or other courses for MacOS Programming (Not iOS) ?

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by dudeslife, Jul 29, 2017.

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    Jul 25, 2011
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    Jul 25, 2011
    Thanks but unfortunately BNR are really slow with their book updates.. If you use their April 2015 book, you will spend all your time wondering why your perfectly typed code isn't working...

    I did find a couple of recent macOS courses on Udemy on sale for $10 now.. I grabbed them. the link above and the Hacking MacOS with Swift 3 from DeStefano and Paul Hudson should keep me occupied for a bit
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    I don't know if this matches what you're looking for, but I have found a lot of great tutorials and programming examples on this site (here's an example tutorial):


    He's got videos (most of them cost money, a few are free), and also simple web pages.

    Can I ask ... in order to (potentially) help you more ... what is your background ? Have you programmed in/on other languages/platforms before ? Which ones ?

    I, myself, am relatively new to Swift/MacOS programming, but have a lot of time with Java under my belt, so I picked up Swift fairly easily, and used online material to fill the gaps when needed. I mostly just learned by churning out code in XCode, for my MP3 player project. Doing is a great way to learn.

    Good luck ! And don't hesitate to ask more questions as you go.
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    At least that's what you heard, right?
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    they don't even show the cocoa programming book on their website anymore so that should speak volumes of it's relevance and they have stated that they have no plans to update it. Why would I waste my time with a book full of deprecated material?
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    Maybe not exactly what you are looking for, but thought I'd mention it just to show other options:

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    Yes, the book is a bit outdated, but if you are interested in learning Cocoa it's simply one of the best books out there. It gives you the fundamentals for learning the framework and explains the why of things which is way more important than syntaxis IMO. The author worked at Next so he knows what he is talking about and it shows.
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    this thread seems to have totally gone from the original request of videos to books.

    With regards to BNR, they are more interested in selling their boot camps than providing quality up to date books.. won't be giving them money any time soon..

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