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Ugh Keyboard Spill!


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Sep 12, 2010
I keep having rotten luck with my keyboard. :(

Had someone spill coffee on it a few weeks ago, ran some distilled water through it and luckily it survived.

Then today something fell off the shelf above my desk and knocked my soda over on it again, and it spread over to my magic trackpad!

So once again I ran spring water "didn't have any distilled water left and figured spring water would leave less residue than dried up soda", and its drying at the moment. I wiped off the trackpad and seen if any liquid got up in it.

After a few tests, I determined that while soda did get under the bottom of the pad, it must had not actually be able to get into the taper along the bottom or through the little click nubs on the pad.

Anyways, nothing seems to be wrong with it so far. The entire surface seems to still be able to sense touch except for the bottom centimeter. "is that normal?"

Anyways I guess I need to completely stop bringing drinks to my desk since they keep ending up getting spilled.

How do you guys usually handle keyboard spills?

Also... It would be great if apple started using super hydrophobic coatings on their peripherals. XD


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Nov 23, 2009
NZ, South Pacific
"is that normal?"
I think you're lucky on both occasions. The keyboards are sensitive to liquids and once they stop working, they've stopped working.

How do I handle keyboard spills? I don't. I never have any liquids over or near my keyboard... probably because I have a MacBook and doing so would cause more damage if spilled. But even at desktops I tend to avoid having liquids in the vicinity.


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Jan 25, 2011
Queensland Australia
I spilled liquid onto my keyboard for the first time in my life yesterday. Luckily it wasn't a lot so I just very quickly turned it upside down and let the liquid run out then left it to dry in the air conditioned room. Hasn't had any problems so far :D

And yes, it's normal for the bottom strip of the trackpad to not respond to touch. I actually never noticed it until I read your post and tested it :p
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