Ugh...No one can help me, Please help?! iPhone 3g troubles...

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by Candii, Mar 21, 2012.

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    Mar 21, 2012
    Hi, the name is Candace. Please read everything I have to say. Most people scan through and give me advice I've already tried. Anyways...So I got one of my friend's iPhones the other day, I'm suppose to help him fix it. His iPhone is on firmware 3.1.3 as of right now, and is stuck in recovery mode. On top of that, I can't stick his iPhone into DFU mode WITH the home or lock buttons. So PLEASE don't tell me to hold down the Power/lock button followed by the home button and so on, because it doesn't work for me. Here's the history with this iPhone...
    -This is the second time I've had to help him with this iPhone. So the first time I got it, it's firmware was 4.2.1, it was stuck in Recovery mode, wouldn't go into DFU mode with Redsn0w, wouldn't kick out of recovery mode with almost anything I tried...Basically the same stuff its doing now. Finally I came across a video that said my buttons might be broken or something, that maybe I should try downgrading with TinyUmbrella. I downloaded firmware 3.1.3 because that was what the guy in the video told me to do...and I went through the steps of downgrading with the real firmware of 3.1.3 and the custom firmware or 3.1.3 Finally, when it was done, I had fixed his iPhone. I gave it back. He put his stuff back on there, and iTunes gave him a warning telling him he needed to upgrade to a higher firmware or his apps wouldn't work. So he did. Which made him go right back to the recovery mode screen. and here we are.
    -So I can downgrade again, but his apps may not work, and his iPhone may not work quite right. Pretty much to sum this all up...I'm trying to find a way to restore this bastard without holding down the buttons to put it in DFU mode, so I can kick it out of recovery, to maybe boot it up with a perfectly good iOS 4 Firmware. No luck so far because no one knows a surefire way exactly on how to do it. Any thing that would help would be great.
    -Thank You.
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    Mar 16, 2009
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    Three tools to kick out of recovery I know of;
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    Dec 29, 2009
    Just try using it on 3.1.3. Sure, some apps aren't going to work but there's alternatives to most utility apps out there that probably haven't been updated for the latest firmware. I have a first generation iPhone that I still use on 2.2.1 that works perfectly fine.

    If it's games your friend is worried about, perhaps it's time to buy a new device.

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