UIKit apps (Stocks, Voice Memos, and Home) inconsistencies & frustrations

Discussion in 'macOS Mojave (10.14)' started by benface, Sep 26, 2018.

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    Is it just me or are the UIKit apps completely inconsistent with how the rest of the OS feels and works, and not in a "cool new way"? I feel like the very obvious iOS influences just result in a bad user experience on a computer. Some examples:

    - You can't seem to be able to right-click anything, even when it would make sense, like the list items in Stocks and Voice Memos (to delete them for instance). Actually, there's a really weird right-click behaviour in Stocks: if you right-click a symbol that's already selected, the highlight indicating that the item is selected disappears (but it remains selected).
    - There doesn't seem to be any tooltip anywhere, even when hovering a button whose action is not immediately clear, like the button that makes the "Manage Watchlist" view appear in Stock (in the bottom right corner of the left panel).
    - Speaking of that button... why is it even necessary? I can see it on iOS because of the lack of a cursor, but on macOS, couldn't we simply drag & drop the items in the original list to reorder them, and right-click them (or swipe like in Mail) to remove them? Having to click on a button to make the exact same list appear on top of the other one but with actions next to the items seems extremely counter-productive and awkward to me.
    - That might be a bug but in Stocks, I couldn't get the "back" or the "share" buttons in the title bar to ever become enabled.
    - This is nitpicking, but the "Search" input in both Stocks and Voice Memos is different from other apps, it seems larger and the padding around it is awkward.

    I could go on and on. Basically, I don't recognize the macOS design language that I love and the level of polish that I'm used to from Apple. I'm kinda scared that they have lost their touch; I really hope they don't plan on rebuilding all the apps in that new framework or whatever it is. Anyone else feels that way?
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    Apple was pretty clear during the keynote, that these apps were just a sneak peak, and proper roll out would first be in 2019. Expect it to be better in the future. It would be crazy to think Apple weren't aware of these things.
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    Whilst that's true, it does seem strange that Apple thinks it's okay to put these apps out in the final public release because 99.9% of macOS users will not have seen the keynote and so to them they just see new apps to use, and then when they open them up they have a pretty poor experience.
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    Here is the text that users would read about on Apple's site if they go to the Mojave page. Nothing here mentions they are not quite ready...

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    Very true. The apps are just... weird. The experience is like halfway in between using the iOS simulator and a well-behaved Mac app. I guess it's sort of useful that they're there but you're right in that they work nothing like you would expect a Mac app to, at the moment.
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