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    Hi all

    Im trying to create a simple iPhone application which will present a user with a list of options. Once the user selects an option it will present the user with information.

    I believe I need to use a UITableView but I'm relatively new to this code and I'm not sure how to implement it in my application.
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    Apple provide many samples to help you. SimpleDrillDown is one of them that you may find helpful.
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    Also there are a lot of really good training videos out there that will help you a lot. This iTunes U content might be useful, and don't forget the free sessions from this year's WWDC.

    In direct answer to your question, you'd typically have a Navigation View Controller and two Table View Controllers (one for the list, one for the detail, or maybe one table view and one plain-old view).
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    If you can't grasp it from the Apple documentation then take a look at Beginning iPhone 3 Development. That's what I use, and they explain exactly what you're wanting to do very well.
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