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    My sister bought a macbook pro recently which qualifies for the cheap upgrade... when she clicks the link and logs in with her apple id it takes her to a shopping page which says your basket is empty and no obvious signs of a way to pre order snow leopard.

    I chatted online to an apple sales person who says you cant order it till it comes out which is odd as I hear people in the states can order it already?

    I pointed out that the upgrade offer says you need to do it within 3 months of buying the macbook... well seeing as it was purchased pretty soon after the 13" pro came out it means if snow leopard comes out late september then it will be after the 3 months since purchase!

    I pointed this out and was told no, you have to buy it within 3 months of snow leopards release not the purchase of the macbook... is this correct?


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    This programme ends December 26th, 2009. Your completed order form must be postmarked within 90 days of the date of your purchase of a qualifying computer or Xserve (described in this offer) or by December 26th, 2009, whichever is earlier

    see my point?
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