UK Apple Store Down...


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May 31, 2006
London Town
Pressure said:
Danish store down too but I don't hope you expect some kind of upgrade? ;)
Not really, I've got my Macbook. I just like to watch the MBP/Merom crowd foam at the mouth at any glimpse of hope :p


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Sep 30, 2003
Merom = Apple's biggest hoax since Capone's empty tomb.
Steve J and Geraldo both have predilections for turtle necks so there you go.

And a little postscript for our friends at Apple Marketing ...

May you "catch" the obsessive-compulsive disorder that's been wreaking havoc on Mac forums. You guys are the biggest tricks since D. Blaine...


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Nov 3, 2005
US still up or back up with no updates, it'd be nice to get Merom finally, but hey...


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Jun 27, 2006
Seattle, WA
Nothing changed, I'm a bit disapointed I really want the MacBook Pro to switch to C2D before I get one on the 11th but alas I'll get whatever is out because that's when I have to get the laptop.


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Aug 16, 2006
Scotland, UK
Originally Posted by tabaczka
Ah. Dang. Apple gave me quite a scare this morning... why would they take the store down, thus building my hopes that C2D was on its way.. and then put the store back up without any changes...?

I would love to wait for the C2D's in the MBP, but I desperatly need to order my MBP now for school...

Should I just order a basic system and hope they release the C2D within 14 days?

Seems like a big risk to me...

Posts 542/3 are the only quotes i can find right now in regards to the store being taken down a few days before the iMac update.

I think it was on the morning of the 5th september? iMac released the next day!

Im NOT saying i think it will be 2moro but i do think its close!

1. store down temporarily with no updates
2. End of ipod deal in europe (thus concluding it wordwide)
3. Shipping down to 24hrs as with the iMacs.
4. Lack of stock in every store iv been to, be it highstreet or specialist.
5. Start of Q4/ new FY (whichever it is again)
6. Educational institutions being delayed with bulk orders... (apple would probs lose contracts if they sold an institution products that will be kind of obselete very soon),
7. Im sure there are 100s of other thing pointing in the right direction now but like i have said many times before its all speculation.

Hell someone may actually read this at apple and think, damn they're on to us lets keep them guessing....

..i just dont know anymore.

10/10 fingers crossed!!!


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Apr 23, 2006
Beds, UK
Its still down. I checked it an hour ago and it was down. Something is up.

Keep an eye out on support documents which shouldnt be there!!


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Nov 3, 2005
I need my new Macbook as I'm getting a wireless mighty mouse with it (and I want a damn laptop!), to replace this S+ARCK mouse I currently have, the scrollers going on it as it keeps click on links (clearly i've been reading too much MR :rolleyes: )